The Final Curtain for Urban Myth Theatre Company

Unfortunately, Urban Myth Theatre Company today announced the convening of a meeting of its members in the coming weeks for the purposes of resolving to wind up the Company voluntarily. Following the trend nationally, sadly, yet another youth arts theatre company will likely close its doors.

With a 34 year history, Urban Myth Theatre Company is a not-for-profit organisation that has been dedicated to the building of confidence to over 160 young people aged 7-27 years each week utilising theatre based tools and training.

After having 63% of their funding cut when Australia Council withdraw their triennial funding in 2011, a lot of companies would not have been able to keep their doors open. Urban Myth has done everything it can to stay alive over the last 3 years for its members and community by trying to build alternate sources of revenue including moving into the Goodwood Institute.

Unfortunately, on the back of post GFC, 2 elections (state/federal), pressure on corporate sponsorship dollars, competitiveness with grants and a variety of unforeseen challenges with licensing/WHS and heritage restrictions within the Institute, the company has not been successful in building alternate revenue streams fast enough. While it has decreased reliance on government funding to less than 25% which is incredibly unique for the not-for-profit space, unfortunately cash flow constraints have led to the making of this decision.

“With a significant number of youth theatre organisations closing down nationally due to funding pressures, we are incredibly disappointed to be letting our members and community down. We are however extremely proud we have been able to keep our doors open over the last three very difficult years and are extremely grateful for the support we have received from our members, staff, parents, partners, sponsors and community to allow us to do this.” Paulette Kolarz, Chair of Urban Myth Theatre Company said.

Urban Myth has a long and international award winning history of working with community groups and education institutes utilising theatre, performance and arts-based projects.

Within South Australia, Urban Myth has partnered with companies such as Adelaide Festival Centre, No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability, Tutti, Brink Productions, ECH, STARRS, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Migration Museum, Cornerstone College, Adelaide College (NESB), Kurrarru and key local and international festivals such as the Thespo Festival (India), Come Out Festival, ASSITEJ International Festival, Adelaide Fringe, SALA, Tour Down Under, Feast Festival and Odyssey Festival. Each partnership has highlighted the high standard of Urban Myth’s work and provided development opportunities for young people as artists and as leaders in the community.

This work has seen the company partner with diverse sectors including aged care, justice department and law enforcement, gender equality, unemployment, youth at risk, survivors of trauma and torture, disability and new Australians.

The Company has produced over 160 plays including internationally recognised Also a Mirror, My Sister Violet and The Visitors (all written by Sean Riley). The Company is currently showcasing Romeo and Juliet, which will sadly, likely be its last production.


Paulette Kolarz – Chairperson – 0412 393 068

Bec Pannell - General Manager – 0404 308 310 or email